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Not only do we get feedback from happy clients, who also say we go the extra mile which is a certainty. Our realtors always take pride in what we do and the type of mandate we work on is irrelevant. Open mandate or sole mandate no matter what, we will always try our best.  View our website to see how we do things differently and how our walk through videos, social media and marketing make for good viewing when selling  your home. A buyer will be able to make an informed decision when viewing all the information online and will be closer to making a final decision once viewing your property from the different perspectives which further helps a buyers  already know your real estate and if it is ideal for them to call home.

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Customers reviews

"It is easy to sell a house." An estate agent is needed for what comes after and no real estate agents is better suited to the task than Tyree van Wyk. You can rest assured that all i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Thank you Tyree and Shaun for not being just agents. Friendly Professional Dedicated"
“Thanks, Tyree – it makes a very good impression. The read-text is also well-written with the correct enticing elements!”

Buyer & Seller
“We appreciate your consistent effort in marketing our home.  Your service, integrity and professionalism are unmatched in the industry.  We look forward to signing an offer in 2017.”


Paarl Estate agent reviews

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“I had the pleasure of working with Tyree during the sale of my property.  She offers professionalism, passion and commitment in all her interactions.  It has been refreshing to engage with an estate agent that is I.T. savvy in regard to marketing property.  Thank you, Tyree, for your dedication and honesty.”

– Tracy,

“Thanks a million.  You have been a lifesaver and we would not have been able to buy this property without you there!”– Gerrie

“Tyree is die beste!”– Chantel

“As always you are the best!”– Fran

“The video is fabulous!  I love it.  An excellent way to advertise our house.”– Mariaan

“You are the best real estate agent in Paarl.”– Salma

“I think it’s the first time anybody has described the property exactly how we feel.”– Albert

Secondly you can view our Real Estate Agents reviews on Hellopeter

“When I first met Tyree I immediately gave her a joint mandate to sell my house. It had been on the market for 12 months with little interest and a few annoying show houses. We did not do any show houses but six months later my house was sold.

Having previously sold a farm years earlier, I realised that estate agents (not surprisingly) treat you as their potential income with a certain amount of passive bullying. Tyree is different. She was selling my home and showed me the most incredible consideration and respect. Not once did she waste my time trying to push for a lower offer.

Our real estate agents however make selling and buying  a pleasant experience

With the offer accepted she then set about listening to what I wanted. She never tried to talk me into an unsuitable house and after two days of appointments I found exactly the house that I was looking for. She relieved me of the first 12 months of anxiety, sold my house and placed me in my perfect house, giving me enough time to pack up and move.

It did not stop there. She made sure everything was handled correctly and the post-sale service was brilliant.

At no time did I feel that my priorities were not her priority. I would say to anyone buying or selling a house in Paarl, to call real estate agent Tyree!”

– Louise,

“We are so excited about moving into our little property.  Thanks a million.  You have been a lifesaver and we would not have been able to buy this property without you there!  You are our pearl in Paarl!”

– Veronica

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to sell your home.

“I have recently moved to Wellington and am still finding my way around the town.  Whilst scanning through properties for sale, I came across your mandate.  I need to compliment you on your style of marketing the home.  The photographs are taken very carefully and your marketing write-up is really lovely.” – Debbra-Lyn

“Thank you for the good service.  Stunning!” – Mike

“Thank you for the great service and support.” – Mara

“Thanks for your incredible service, Tyree.  We are so pleased that our house is sold.  You are a true professional agent.” – Tinka

“Thanks a million for always being ready to assist.  I like your professional style and that you continually give feedback.  It’s really appreciated.” – Andre & Amanda

Our specialist real estate agents take pride in what they do and as a result, that will be how you as a seller and buyer experience real estate with us

“We are looking at buying property in the Paarl area. Tyree spent hours during the Easter weekend taking us around and showing us the area, driving us in her car on her expense. We are so indebted to her for her time, knowledge and the kindness that she has shown us, without expecting anything in return. There aren’t many of your calibre around, thank you so much!”

– Elm,,

“Tyree, jy is ’n vrou van jou woord en meer.”

– Tinka

“Thanks for all your help and effort, and I can assure you we will promote you wherever we go because your personal service is stunning.  Thanks for your professionalism and friendly interest in us.”

– Andre

Not only can you read what our buyers say about our agents but also what our sellers have to say about our Paarl agents.

“Thank you for handling the sale of our home in such a sensitive way.  We would recommend you to anyone that is thinking of selling or buying property.  You have a unique approach and we wish you and your team much success. ”

– Derek & Sandra

“I found The Real Estate Team to be very professional.”

– Moyra

“It is amazing how smoothly everything is going and I know that you are behind it.  Thank you very much for organising everything so effectively.”

– Marita

“I owe you a big thank you.  Of all agencies you were the most attentive and helpful.  I will certainly recommend you to any prospective clients I meet.”

– Barry

When you market your home with our Paarl agents

“I trust that you will be the one selling my stand.  Have no contact with any agent in Paarl and rely on you to pull this through and really appreciate your feedback.”

– Magda

“Thank you.  Satisfied and impressed.”

– Mordaunt

“Thank you so much for all the effort that you are putting in order to sell our home furthermore the photographs are so pretty.”

– Louwene

“Your photos and videos are awesome.  The house looks so good I don’t think we will sell it anymore.”

– Tertius

“Al wat ek kan se is dat jy wonderlike diens gee en die enigste agent is wat so ge-organiseerd is.  Dankie vir die terugvoer, geen ander eiendomsagent doen so iets.”

– Benni

paarl realtors

Our specialist real estate agents will assist in qualifying you the buyer when buying a home:

Considering selling your home can be very daunting.  What should one look for in a real estate agent.   In all honesty bigger is not better.  In addition to your estate agent that understand your needs and wants and furthermore also comprehends the full impact of selling your home. Often you will hear the seller say he would rather have a client going through the home that can afford it. It is what they asked for. Hearing things like “I never knew it doesn’t have a garage.”

Our Real Estate Agents will additionally assist you with your bond calculations when buying a home

The other headache is when buyers walk through your home and the result being that the real estate agent has not informed them correctly, furthermore not assisted them with what their repayment on the home will be and the amount they need to earn to buy the property.  We assist buyers in the buying process.  By making sure they qualify to purchase your property. Tyree van Wyk a master practitioner with  28 years experience in property selling and previously a  bond consultant is informed to assist buyers.

Our  agents ensure that both buyers and sellers only know positive results

Buyers hunt houses and in other words, how real estate agents present your home on the internet will be crucial to the sale. Indeed first impressions do count.

Happy House Hunting when you sell or buy with our Paarl agents!

Be sure to get the real estate experience you deserve when selling your home when contacting our realtors.

Why Real Estate Agents Experience Makes A Difference when buying and selling real estate

Why you would choose our Paarl agents when buying a home? Firstly, to view the best selection of property available for sale in Paarl, Wellington and the surrounds which  include a number of esteemed security estates like Boschenmeer, Val de Vie, Diemersfontein and Pearl Valley, amongst others.


Find Paarl agents who can assist you when selling in Paarl

Secondly, we specialise in the marketing of property and are especially adept at online marketing. This fact alone ensures that their listings reach potential buyers from all around the world. What’s more, their marketing tools involve innovative ideas like video walk-throughs which give potential buyers a peek into the home which enables them to see whether they like what they see or not. Which in turn means that neither party will be faced with wasted time. Relocating can have an impact on your life, but the process can be made much simpler if the real estate agent you have chosen is able to assist you in every way

Why consult with our Agents when selling real estate

A good real estate agent is not only experienced, but they know what to do to make things easier. Tyree van Wyk who not only is a master practitioner with an NQF 5 but also has experience as a realtor since 1990 in home sales. What’s more, Tyree has a dynamic team of qualified staff who excel at what they do. Together they make Top Class specialist real estate  agent that caters to both seller and buyer. Give us a try, for one thing you will love the difference.

The Best Real Estate Experience Ever

Our personal touch is the myriad marketing methods we use. They cover all the bases from our photography to the descriptive words we use to illustrate your home like the castle it is


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